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“FIRST MOON RISING: A GIRL’S WISDOM AND RITE-OF-PASSAGE JOURNEY” is a creative and spiritual collaboration between Georgette Star, D. Min., teacher and spiritual guide and founder of the Life Blessing Institute, and Cascade Creative Productions.

Modern society is beginning to reevaluate the way girls are supported and raised. There is increasing recognition of the value of honoring the feminine and of preparing girls for the women they can become in today’s dramatically changing environment.

You are invited to join communities that celebrate the empowerment of girls and of the “feminine”, both in the world and within each of us.

Through FIRST MOON RISING: A GIRL’S WISDOM AND RITE-OF-PASSAGE JOURNEY, you are introduced to an innovative and deeply nurturing youth program of the Life Blessing Institute, created by Georgette Star, called “Maiden Spirit”.  Our DVD offers an inspiring glimpse into the heart of the Maiden Spirit Spirituality and Rite-of-Passage program, which is the gradual and intentional preparation for a girl’s conscious and celebrated rite of passage into sacred womanhood at menarche (first moon or period).


See the full 22 min. version of “First Moon Rising: A Girl’s Wisdom and Rite-Of-Passage Journey” on YouTube



Contribution to cultural healing by portraying the use of ceremonial rites-of-passage to empower girls’ sense of feminine self-esteem, as well as to provide a context for their family and friends to offer wisdom, support, and intentional blessing.  To inspire parents, extended family members, friends, and other care providers for girls to offer of Menarche rites-of-passage celebrations.

To spiritually contribute to a collective vision of our world as a place where women and girls everywhere feel good about being born female and free to actualize their full human potential and through the gradual manifestation of this vision contribute to  the restoration of balance in the soul of humanity and the creation of a better world one girl at a time.

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